Chosen Fast Ministries International, Inc. (CFMI) seeks to serve the community in a practical way by working hands on with people affected by trauma and tragedy. CFMI offers supportive services by connecting people to resources and providing free services as needed. During Hurricane Sandy, members of CFMI were involved in many relief projects in the hardest hit communities of Staten Island. Chose Fast partnered with several churches as well as para church ministries in Staten Island to help those impacted by the storm.

During the weeks after the storm, Chosen Fast members participated in distributing food, water and clothing in addition to working with community volunteers in cleaning out houses that were flooded and destroyed during the storm.  In addition, several volunteers worked on home renovations to begin repair work.


Chosen Fast Ministries seeks to collaborate with churches, organizations, and individuals to providing relief to those in need of supportive services in the greater New York area.