Mission Statement

To meet the needs of the community, disaster relief services as well as long-term relief services will be provided for families who live in affected communities. This will be provided via dispersion of goods and labor as well as counseling services and spiritual and emotional support. The organization’s goal is to provide food, water, rebuilding supplies, equipment, and volunteers to families and communities needing assistance. CFMI plans to minister to the emotional and spiritual needs of the people by recommending other agencies to provide professional services. CFMI will provide free seminars to lift the spirit of the community. CFMI will also work with the local church to provide ancillary supportive services.

Chosen Fast Ministries International, Inc. will start locally and expand out regionally to selected communities that are brought to the attention of the Members of the Board. CFMI will primarily focus on inner city communities that have financial need and request assistance to their residents. The ministry will begin in Staten Island and expand out to the surrounding areas of New York City and its outer Boroughs.

Chosen Fast Ministries International, Inc. will proceed into trauma areas with box trucks carrying supplies such as: food, clothing, water, and blankets. CFMI hopes to provide this ongoing support on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, pending support that is received by donors and partners of this ministry. CFMI will work with local organizations to minister to the people and send out volunteers to assist in relief endeavors. Volunteers are an integral part of CFMI as they provide support needed to reach out to the community.

Eventually, the organization hopes to help people with rebuilding after disasters. Chosen Fast Ministries International, Inc. will provide individuals with building materials, volunteer contractors and sub-contractors, etc. CFMI will work with contractors to provide building materials and volunteers to help with the rebuild. We will work with long-term disaster recovery groups and churches to help identify individuals in need. In addition, the organization will canvas the neighborhoods to identify individuals still in need of assistance post relief effort. Individuals will be asked to complete an application to gather information regarding their needs. CFMI will also have them sign a waiver of liability and co-sign on the assistance they need. All contractors will be volunteers or hired directly by the resident.

The organization hopes to become involved in post disaster relief counseling, to refer individuals for counseling services. To determine which individuals are referred, we will assess the particular need and have a licensed mental health professional offer free services, for individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder. CFMI will only refer individuals to nonprofit and government agencies providing counseling services. In the future, our goal is to set up our own pastoral counseling services and seminars to uplift the community. Pastoral counseling will be conducted on a one-on-one basis whenever necessary.

For seminars, Chosen Fast Ministries International, Inc. plans to hold quarterly rallies and preach the Gospel of Christ. The organization wants to provide an uplifting message, Gospel material, and let people know that God has a plan for them despite the trauma they may have endured. CFMI wants to encourage people to go forth, seek out help, and rebuild their lives. The organization will hold seminars at churches, community centers, parks, etc.